15 Tricks You’ve Never Thought of For Your Home

tips for saving money


I am a firm believer in setting yourself up for success.


Maybe the motto is from my college days at culinary school, where you’re taught to always have your mise en place ( getting everything and I mean everything set up before you begin cooking). Possibly it’s simply because I don’t want to fail at anything. I know, kinda silly. It’s definitely partly because I am pretty lazy and just want to make everything as easy as possible. But who doesn’t? That’s why I’ve compiled this list of obvious ways to make your life easier!


They also happen to be great tips for saving money!
Win, win. 



1. Hang a shopping bag above your dyer to collect lint.


2. Set up cute doggy area by door that stores leash, dog treats, doggy bags, medicines, etc…tips for saving money


3. Use Clorox wipes? When the wipes run out but there’s still liquid, put a few sheets of paper towels in there to soak up extra liquid.


4. Cook old fruit with spices in a pot with water for quick and easy potpourri.


5. Decorate any old container and keep on desk to store note pads, small planners or sharpies.tips for saving money


6. Keep a spoon by your coffee maker or tea pot to stir. Simply rinse after each use.


7. Keep cooking oil in a squeeze bottle next to the stove for easy use.tips for saving money


8. Paint an empty, cleaned out wine bottle and use as a vase.


9. For easy toilet cleaning, pour bleach into toilet and let sit for at least an hour to remove rings and odor. Keep bleach in bathroom closet for quick access!


10. Hang a cute frame or quote by the door to hold keys.tips for saving money


11. Use dollar store containers to organize your junk drawer.


12. Hang a store bag on stroller to hold trash until you can reach a trash can.


13. Add fabric to candle jars for a chic element in any roomtips for saving money


14. Freeze lemons, limes or oranges if they go bad. Drop one in your garbage disposal to give it a fresh smell.


15. Save those corks from your empty wine bottles and use them for a fun DIY
tips for saving money



What tricks do you have to save time, money and make life easier?
Comment below!


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tips for saving money

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