4 REAL Ways to Save Money Around the House

Ways to save money



You spend all this time and money planning, then shopping at the food store, so don’t let all that food go to waste! Keep an eye on expiring food and find a use for it! Have some banana’s that are a little too ripe, make banana bread or banana ice cream (aka pureed frozen banana). Get creative! Supercook.com is an AWESOME and EASY website that allows you to create a meal with the items you already have in your house! Just pick the foods you have and Supercook suggests recipes using only the foods you picked. I mean it doesn’t get much easier than that!



  • Keep old towels or clothes and repurpose the fabric. For example, turn old towels into small hand towels for cleaning or pets
  • Use an empty hand soap dispenser for your dish soap so you pump the perfect amount when doing the dishes

ways to save money


  • Mince a whole head of garlic (to save you some time when you cook later) and store with oil in an old small glass pickle jar


  • Use some old ribbon or rope laying around the house to hold heads bands

ways to save money


  • Keep those empty candle jars, clean and use them to decorate you home, like with these succulents!

ways to save money


  • Save oatmeal tins or baby formula containers, paint or cover with paper and use to store arts and crafts



This would require getting up early on Saturday morning, but it can be really easy! Put up a couple of posters around town or post in the local paper. Keep it simple by not overthinking the set up and PRICE TO SELL! Yes you want to make money but you ALSO want to get rid of your stuff! So, keep the pricing simple and don’t over charge. Nine out of ten times, whatever you are selling has more value to you than the customer. Anything you don’t sell, donate! Or, consider selling whats left to a local consignment store for a little extra cash.



This one may not always apply, but can be a HUGE money saver! New furniture can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, but updating furniture you already have can save you a bundle! Have an old table that just looks…old? Give it a fresh coat of wood stain or paint. Maybe you are looking for a new piece of furniture and don’t want to spend the money buying new. Then don’t! Check out yard sales or Goodwill stores in your area for the piece you are looking for and fix it up yourself! I recently did this with a couple of nightstands. In total, the project cost me $35 for both and they look brand new!


Have more tips on ways to save money around the house, share them below!

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Ways to save money

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