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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE new furniture.  Unfortunately, my wallet doesn’t feel the same way. So I resort to getting crafty! I find that in a busy life, completely making over a whole room takes a long time and a lot of money. That’s why I like to take on small projects and work on little ways to improve my space. Furniture makeovers can be daunting because they can be expensive and very time consuming. But with a little work, you can have a new room without breaking the budget! Check out the simple steps I used to transform this nightstand and use them on some furniture in your own home!



The nightstands Jeremy, my boyfriend, and I had were just sad. In fact, they weren’t actually nightstands. They were weird end tables that we used. So I was on a mission! My mom had purchased these matching tables (pictured below) a while ago at a yard sale for no more than $15 total!You’re probably thinking, “I can’t believe she even paid that much…” Obviously, they needed a LOT of work, but I was up for the challenge.


furniture makeoverfurniture makeover

The Process

They actually look a little worse in this picture than in person to be honest. My first step was spackling all the holes There was a design on the front of the drawers that I was not a fan of, so, I covered it all with whatever spackle I had around the house. Next, I sanded everything down, the outside, most of the inside and all of the drawers.

Furniture makeover


You can see the original design a little better here. For the sanding, I purchased an electric sander, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. You could sand this all by hand but you will regret it. I didn’t get anything fancy, but if you plan on using it for one project or you’re also a serial DIY’er like me, a sander is a must. Make sure your sander has a corner. I purchased a Ryobi Corner Cat Sander for $35. I started with a low number grit, like 60. Sanded everything with that. Then, re-sanded everything with a higher grit, like 220. (Pictured above)

Next, I painted. A quart of BEHR Vanilla Paste for the table itself and for the drawers, a sample size of BEHR Midnight Blue was all I needed.  I used a semi-gloss paint and primer because we use our nightstands a lot. Not just for picture frames and drinks, but we store various things in the drawers that we use daily. It’s very important to consider how much usage your furniture will receive. Anything in a high traffic area or regularly used, consider using some type paint with gloss. (Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, Hi-Gloss) I had about 1/4 of each left over after finishing to us on a future project!


Picking the design was the hardest part!

I was looking for something modern, simple and able to blend with different styles. On Pinterest, I found this cool looking design! Using printer paper, I drew out the design with a ruler. I made the design the exact size I wanted for the drawers. Next, I laid the paper over the drawer. Using a pocket knife, I traced the design onto each drawer. When the paper is removed, the design is lightly marked on the drawers! So you could actually see the design, I used a white thin tipped paint marker to trace over the marks. You can find them at any craft store. They usually offer various colors and tip sizes. After it dried, about 5 minutes, I went over each drawer again. After drying for 2 days, my new nightstands were complete!


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furniture makeover

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