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inspiration board the truth about life motivation


A couple of times a month, I’ll be publishing something that I’m calling my Inspiration Board, but I hope that it’ll be your inspiration board too! It will be a combination of images, articles, quotes or something along those lines, all related to a subject that I talk about and how those images, articles, etc.. have inspired me. I hope that by sharing events or emotions that I’m going through, it will help you as well! So, let’s dive in!



This week’s inspiration board is about motivation in life, specifically when you’re in a rut. You want to accomplish something, so you will have this urge to accomplish it! But what if you lose the urge? Some might say to just put your big girl (or boy) pants on and suck it up, but I think motivation is what pushes us to accomplish greater things. If we always felt comfortable in our current state, would we ever surprise ourselves?

I found myself feeling this way when I started this blog. The idea of starting this blog had been on my mind for months but I kept coming up with excuses why I shouldn’t. The first week was very productive! I accomplished a ton of work and felt I was on track to get this up and running in no time. But then week two happened. I started doubting myself, put the work off, made excuses. I lost my motivation. In that time, I searched for it. I sat and thought why I wanted to do this so badly. Next, like any person, I turned to the internet. Searching things like how to get motivated, but nothing. I already decided that this would fail, before I even started.The search went on and during that time, I found the following, which really inspired me and I hope they inspire you too!



inspiration board the truth about life motivationFeel the Sunlight HOW TO BE A BADASS BITCH WHO GETS SHIT DONE

How to be a badass bitch who gets shit done. If you are looking to quit make excuses, this article is a must read. I happen to stumble upon this on Pinterest one day and with a title like that, I had to read on. It gives really awesome, somewhat common-sense tips on how to accomplish your goals like a boss. From exercising to nonsense apologies to working on your side hustle. Tyler Thorp, the author gives it to you straight and leaves no room for the bullshit. If you’re looking for motivation, this is a great read. Respecting your body, not making excuses and allowing yourself to feel and say what you want without being apologetic leaves you with this confidence. Confidence with yourself, your thoughts and your actions. Confidence to move towards your goal without all the self-doubt.








inspiration board the truth about life motivationThe Ocean 

The beach has always been an oasis for me. There’s something so special about a beautiful, sunny day at the beach that makes every worry you have melt away and clears the mind. Standing next to the ocean, I’ve always feel so small. For every problem I have, the ocean reminds me there’s a million more out there, and most are probably bigger problems than mine. But that initial small feeling I get turns into this desire to create something. Something bigger than me.

I head to the beach when I’m at a crossroads, so I went during my search for motivation to watch the waves and think. I couldn’t help but have that annoy self-doubt come back. “There’s a million blogs out there. Why would mine be any different? Why would people want to read what I have to say? I don’t have anything special to offer.” Thoughts that everyone has every now and then. But the desire to create something that is mine motivated me. The ocean reminds me that you shouldn’t doubt yourself. Just like the ocean in this picture, each and every one of us is full of endless possibilities and ideas and no one should let a little self-doubt stop them from becoming something even more amazing than they already are.






inspiration board the truth about life motivationMichael Hyatt This is Your Life Esp. #3 The Relationship Between Vision and Strategy 

If you haven’t listened to Michael Hyatt’s podcasts yet, do yourself a favor and check it out! There’s a few hundred episodes that pertain to “intentional leadership”, as he puts it. The advice he puts forth not only helps in work, but also in your personal life.

I found myself listening to his show when I was researching educational tools for blogging. Just to be clear, you do not need to be a blogger to listen to this podcast! I listened to episode 3 while in the midst of my search for motivation and it changed everything for me. I highly suggest listening if you feel at a crossroads or unsure of your future. He explains the difference between vision and strategy and how to navigate defining your vision. The idea is, once you clearly define your vision, you’ll know the steps you need to take to get to it (well maybe not every step). All of the sudden, that crazy idea you had doesn’t seem so crazy! It will actually seem very possible! There’s 7 steps that help guide you. He encourages you not to think too small and to not let self-doubt get in the way when planning for your dream future. This advice obviously spoke right to me. After following his seven steps, I had a clear vision, which means I knew my next steps and grew confidence that I could do it. 




Beauty and Cherriesinspiration board the truth about life motivation Ted Talks : How to Stop Screwing Yourself 

After listening to this collection of 4 Ted Talks, all no more than about 20 minutes, I really started to feel silly for doubting myself. I mean, I felt like reallllyyy silly. Each story is completely different, but they all share this; they are inspiring and show that the biggest obstacle for you to succeed is yourself! I know, everyone says it, but that’s because it’s true! None of these stories are related to blogging. They are just real people who decided they wanted to do something, so they did it. Yes, there was doubt and fear and setbacks, but none of that stopped them from accomplishing their goals.








After my week of self-doubt and searching for the purpose of this blog, I found the motivation I needed. I realized I didn’t lose motivation, I let the self-doubts and loss of confidence in myself to have more control than my desires and goals. Instead of working on how to make this work, I focused on all the ways it wouldn’t. How do you handle losing motivation? Is it possible that you haven’t lost your motivation, but instead, let the negative thoughts take control? Whatever it may be, the big question is what are you going to do about it?


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inspiration board the truth about life motivation

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