Inspiration Board : Why You Should be a Kid Again

inspiration board why you should be a kid again



This week’s inspiration board is all about how to get back to being a kid again. Why should you be a kid again? Great question! When there’s so many amazing things about being an adult, why be a kid? As adults, I think we sometimes forget how to be happy and we let all the negative thoughts take-over us. Sometimes life can get so tough that it begins to weigh on you. This can cause all sort of health problems that completely bring down your quality of life. But kids are simple. They love. They’re nice. They act silly. Why are those things so difficult for adults?


Maybe being a kid again wouldn’t be so bad?



inspiration board why you should be a kid againMINDSET

Look at the face of the child in this picture. How would you describe her feelings? Excited, happy, free? I was recently reminded of the pure happiness a child can have. The other day my niece, 10-months-old, was playing on the couch and she kept falling and laughing, falling and laughing. It was so silly, but she found it hilarious! Which of course, made me laugh! She wasn’t worried about anything or upset because something didn’t go her way. (I know, unlikely thoughts of a 10 month old) The point is, she was in the moment. She fell, and it made her laugh, so she did it again! She chose to be happy and she chose to fall again.

Maybe one way to be more like a kid is thinking like them. Obviously not entirely like them! I mean wake up excited for your day. Forgive quickly. Make friends easily. Be nice to strangers. Share what you have with others. These simple things we can learn from kids and use as big kids!



inspiration board why you should be a kid againIMAGINATION

Super depressing quote, right? This quote struck me because it is so opposite of the feelings I think we all want to feel. No one wants to be sad, depressed, uninspired or indifferent. I know when I feel that way, I just feel like…. blah. Do you want to feel blah? We have one life, one! I don’t want to spend any minute feeling this way. Life should be exciting, confusing (in a good way), daring, unfamiliar and astonishing. See, I think what Mr. Ionesco is trying to say is we should never be adults. We should all just be big kids, all the time. Always exploring, analyzing and imagining. The imagination of a child is fascinating. There’s no limits in their imagination. There is no, no. There is no, “That’s not real”. If we imagined more like a kid, what could we create? If we thought more like a child, what could we do? What would happen if instead of saying, “I can’t do that”, we said “How can I do that”?




Yes, this is my niece dancing. You say, “Dance! Dance! Dance!” and this is her go-to move! Every time we chant it, no matter what she’s doing, she dances. It’s probably one of her favorite things to do and it makes her happy. What do you do, for yourself, that makes you happy? Unacceptable answers are; hanging out with my kids, hanging out with my boyfriend/husband or cleaning the house because you get some satisfaction when the house is clean. Trust me, I am a sucker for cleaning the house, but it doesn’t count! You need to do something FOR YOU.

So many times, as adults, we feel we must deny ourselves the things that make us happy. I don’t believe it’s on purpose. We feel we must put everyone else’s need above our own, we overwork and under appreciate ourselves and we deny something we enjoy because we don’t think we should enjoy it or we don’t deserve it. For what? To have this life we planned out? What is your happiness worth to you? I challenge you to find one activity a week just for yourself. Maybe you go see a movie yourself or take a bubble bath (scroll to the bottom. You’re welcome!). Anything that is for you and that brings you tons of happiness!



inspiration board why you should be a kid againHOW TO BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF AND LIFE

(Check out the article here)

Unfortunately, at some point we all grow up and those child-like qualities that we love start to fade. But that doesn’t mean they’re gone! This diagram is a great guide to living a happier life, while keeping those child qualities around. It shows real steps you can take to improve your quality of life, be happier and reach the goals you want. Be happy. Be fulfilled and don’t let the child inside of you disappear.




In case you just scrolled to the bottom…

Be a kid with these 4 steps

1.Change your mindset for the better

2. Imagine the impossible

3. Do something WEEKLY that brings you joy

4. Make realistic changes/goals with the image above


Like what you see? Get more!


inspiration board why you should be a kid again





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