Make Your Own Faux Succulents

Faux Succulents



Fresh flowers around the house can be such a treat! The smell, the way they look, it is all so beautiful. Unfortunately, they seem to begin wilting and dying so quickly! That’s why I like to keep a mix of real and fake flowers around my apartment. I’d day about 90% of the flowers I have right now are fake. The other 10% are fresh flowers that I buy from the store every couple of weeks. Flowers can be SO expensive, even fake ones! To save myself a little bit of money, I keep an eye out for when I see fake flowers on sale. While at Michael’s Craft Store, I happen to see these faux succulents on sale (and I had a coupon) so I couldn’t leave without getting some! This DIY faux succulent tutorial is super easy and cheap!




Here is what you will need:

Garnet & Gold


  • Faux Succulents of any kind
  • Display containers. I used glass jars so that you can see all of the layers but you can use whatever you have laying around. (These jars are old candle jars that I just cleaned the wax out of. Free!)
  • Mulch or dirt
  • Gravel
  • Hot glue gun (not pictured)



Garnet & Gold


You can either get your gravel from outside or buy some. It can be found at any craft store but I would highly suggest getting some from outside since it’s free! Unfortunately, when I made these DIY succulents, I couldn’t find any gravel outside my apartment, so I bought some. The gravel should be very small pieces, especially if you are using small glasses for the succulents, like I am.



Now you’re ready to make your faux succulents!

The first thing you want to do is make sure your jars are nice and clean! Next, you’ll need to put a little bit of mulch in the bottom of the jar. Push the mulch down as much as you can. I added a slash of water to help me compact it. Next, you’ll followed by layering some of the gravel on top. The amounts are really up to you and what you think will look best in your container.


Garnet & Gold



Next, grab those succulents! Depending on what yours looks like, you may be able to skip this step. If you’re succulents are light weight like mine, you might want to consider gluing some pieces of gravel to the bottoms to hold them steady.


Now your succulents will stay in place!

You’re final step is to add some moss or any other decorative pieces toy our jars and insert the succulents. These little guys look good literally everywhere! Some great places to display them are on a desk, shelf in a bedroom or bathroom or any a side/coffee table!










I hope you enjoy!

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Faux Succulents

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